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Virtual Marketing Department for Small Business

We are small business people helping other small business people.  We understand the financial pressures you face in today's marketplace and Virtual Web Department exists to help you succeed!

We give you access to dedicated business marketing support services at an affordable flat monthly fee.  No hidden charges, no long-term contracts.  Just 90+ years of combined experience at your service.

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million small businesses in U.S.
million employees
of all business in the U.S.


Only 1/3 of all small businesses will reach their 10th anniversary.
Half are out of business in five years!

82% of businesses that fail do so because of cash flow problems

As a busy entrepreneur, you struggle to get everything done, pay your employees, keep up with market changes, and attract new customers.  You count our your website to help with the last one, but you are at the mercy of big search engines who seem to favor large business over small, companies with large pay per click advertising budgets!  All too often you feel like your website is just sitting there being unused, not drawing the customers you need to survive and thrive.

Like all things in business, your website, social networking channels and marketing presentations must be kept fresh.  Technology changes, trends, and even your competitors keep forcing you to change in order to be relevant in the marketplace. 

But who has the time?

We do!  With Virtual Web Department, we'll provide the ongoing content and marketing development your business needs to successfully thrive in the market place.  No long-term contracts!  No set-up charges.  Just a fair monthly price.

How Our Service Works

Your business is allocated block time every week with specific measurable tasks to be completed based on business goals.  Be it:

  • updating your social profile
  • responding to comments and reviews
  • creating and updating content for your website
  • creating company videos or podcasts
  • developing tradeshow and handout materials
  • creating print and ad direct mail advertising
  • developing and managing digital ad campaigns
  • measuring success
  • and much more...

We can work with most website publishing platforms or can create a new WordPress website.

Stock photos are an extra charge as needed.

Logo creation and graphic design are not included in the monthly fee.  We contract out as needed for custom artwork based on your company's graphic needs.

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